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Cathleen Poehler

I chose Cathleen Poehler to translate my book and bestseller Kindheit 6.7 into English. It was clear to me that a translation of such an extensive and complex work would require a great deal of experience and expertise in both languages. After more than one year of intensive and very successful collaboration, I can unreservedly recommend Ms. Poehler as a non-fiction author. She is reliable, fast, very attentive and polite. What has also surprised me time and again is her broad contextual knowledge and her ability to understand the intellectually complex issues behind terms and turns of phrases in German and to translate them into English. The collaboration was simply great! I am happy, satisfied and grateful that Cathleen Poehler translated my book Kindheit 6.7 into English. Cathleen Poehler is still the first port of call for high-quality translations!

Michael Hüter, historian (of childhood), author and publisher, 2022


Cathleen Poehler was the primary translator of the Trilogos Foundation from 2017 to 2023. During this time, she translated a number of books by the founder, Linda Vera Roethlisberger, from German into English. These are: The Sensory Channel to the Spiritual World, In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Levels 1 to 3 as well as three Certificate training handbooks. These works consist of theory and practice sections. Ms. Poehler also translated advertising material, interview texts, newsletters and smaller books (Journey to Wisdom, Basic Trust, Intuition, Individuation, Creativity). The deadlines were always kept and the collaboration with us was pleasant and satisfying.

Linda Vera Roethlisberger, Trilogos Foundation, 2023


As a translator, Cathleen Poehler is a real stroke of luck for social scientists. Not only does she have a remarkable knowledge and understanding of social science issues, but she also delves into the given subject at hand with great diligence. Her translations are also characterized by high linguistic and stylistic quality.

Ulrich Dolata, Professor of Sociology at the University of Stuttgart, 2016


Cathleen Poehler stands out as a brilliant translator. She has the linguistic expertise, terminology skills, discipline and dedication required to deliver quality translations on time—and on a consistent basis. She is always open to delve into new fields and topics, and one of our main clients has praised her as a “gem” for the quality work she does in German-to-English translations.

Keleny Translation Company, www.keleny.com, 2013

Cathleen Poehler has been translating for CIFORT since 2003 and for the CED since 2006. Ms Poehler has always produced excellent work—which she makes a point of delivering on time. She is moreover pleasant as well as clear and professional when communicating with our various staff and colleagues. Over the course of the years, she has also developed an in-depth knowledge of technical terms of the travel and tourism sector.

François Bédard, Ph.D., Professor  and Director of the Centre international de formation et de recherche en tourisme (CIFORT), Université du Québec à Montréal, and Director General of the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED), 2013

Cathleen Poehler has been translating for Baastel since 2007. As a translation agency whose main client is the Canadian government, we set high standards, among them that our translators obtain a government-granted security clearance. Cathleen Poehler has consistently shown herself to be a true professional, always providing high-quality, timely translations, exceeding the clients’ expectations. We appreciate, in particular, that she will go the extra mile to correspond with the author(s) in order to clarify any ambiguities or critical points in the source text.

Jacques Pariseau, Baastel Communications, www.baastel.com, 2013

Cathleen Poehler has been doing German-to-English translation and editing work for usthe Washington D.C. branch of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, an international, Germany-based environmental and human rights organizationsince 2009. Among the documents she has worked on, each with great success, are extensive reports by our Transatlantic Climate Policy Group, policy papers on the German ecological tax reform, and publications by German members of parliament on the ecological and economic implications of current environmental legislation in Germany.

We are extremely satisfied with Cathleen’s work and have been particularly impressed with her ingenuity in transferring Germany’s highly specialized and country-specific environmental discourse into the words of another culture and language. We greatly appreciate her reliability and readiness to adapt her schedule to meet our deadlines. Cathleen's expert knowledge of environmental topics has been of special value to our foundation, as it has consistently resulted in the precise and subject-specific translation of complex climate and energy issues.

Heinrich Boell Foundation, www.boell.org, 2011

Having worked for three years with Ms Poehler, I can say that she is a methodical and conscientious translator. She has an eye for detail and work well done. She is also extremely reliable, always handing in her work by the agreed-upon deadline. Finally, she assures an excellent follow-up of the texts she translates and is receptive to discussing any difficult passages of the source text.

Sandra Breux, Ph.D., researcher, INRS, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre - Urbanisation Culture Société, 2013

Cathleen Poehler has been translating for us on a regular basis since 2007. Aside from the high quality of her translations, we value in particular her reliability and speed of service. We are also glad to be able to turn to and rely on Ms Poehler on short noticesomething which is a great asset to us given our high-performance business environment and given the time difference between the two continents.

red dot GmbH & Co. KG, www.red-dot.de, 2013

Cathleen Poehler has been doing translations and revisions for me since 2007. She demonstrates great professionalism and I have always been very satisfied with her work. She is reliable and doesn't hesitate to double-check the exact meaning of an expression or, in our case, the specialized scientific languagewhich has proven to be of utmost importance in our field.

Juan-Luis Klein, Ph.D., Professor at the department of geography of Université du Québec à Montréal and Director of the Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales (CRISES), 2013

We highly recommend Cathleen Poehler and can attest to the high quality of her translations. As a public relations firm, we call on her services mainly for press releases and related promotional documents. Cathleen is very adept at capturing the essence of our clients’ advertising messages and at translating them into equivalent idiomatic English. We have been working with Cathleen since 2007, and speedy, on-time delivery has always been a given.

Morin Public Relations, www.morinrp.com, 2012

Cathleen Poehler has been translating our newsletters and annual reports since 2007. We are very satisfied with her work. Ms Poehler takes initiative by providing interesting and relevant input that corresponds to the mission of our organization. Very available and diligent, she always takes our remarks into account and does not hesitate to make new suggestions to improve our texts. In addition, Ms Poehler always  researches the content of the texts on which she works in order to gain a good understanding of the subject matter and to provide accurate and complete translations.

Équiterre, www.equiterre.org, 2008