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Cathleen Poehler

I offer professional translations from French and German into English.

I also offer revision and editing services of English texts, including those written by non-native English speakers and those translated by machines (MTPE, machine translation post editing).

New: Website translation and localization, and editing of machine-translated websites.

I am intuitive and able to give texts the right spin so that they flow smoothly in the target language. Whether your text is from the human sciences or from advertising and the arts—you'll be sure to get premium service.

My clients can count on: impeccable grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation; consistent terminology; conscientious and meticulous engagement with the content; effective and succinct communication; adaptation to the target audience; utmost respect of deadlines; fast turn-around times … and friendly service! With some ten years of university studies under my belt spanning various disciplines, I am eager to delve into any topic and am familiar with many types of discourse and linguistic registers. Moreover, I make sure to comply with any applicable style guide and formatting requirements, especially for texts to be published in scientific journals. 

Dedicated to meeting my clients' needs, I take care to establish clear and mutually agreeable terms and conditions for each contract and am willing to negotiate tight deadlines. I value trusting, long-term working relationships and like to introduce myself over the phone, by Skype or even in person, especially in the case of large-scale contracts.