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Cathleen Poehler

Rates are determined on a per-contract basis, depending on the degree of difficulty of the text, the amount of terminology and content research required, and the desired or required turnaround time.

Translation (French into English)

To obtain a quote, please email your text along with your preferred or required turnaround date to cp@cathleenpoehler.com. I will then email you an offer, to be confirmed by you. My offer will indicate the price per word, the total price as well as the date of completion. My usual rate for translations is C$0.23 per word of the original text, including footnotes.

Please note that I exclude references, bibliographies as well as any redundant content of tables from the word count. Insofar as your text includes references or a bibliography, please indicate whether you would like me to proofread them or ensure that they comply with any author guidelines.


To obtain an estimate, please email your text along with your preferred or required turnaround date to cp@cathleenpoehler.com. If applicable, include as well any author guidelines (as a document or a link) stipulated by the targeted journal or publishing house. I will then email you an estimate, indicating the estimated number of hours required for the revision as well as the date of completion. If you accept the estimate, I will begin work on your text. The final invoice will be based on the number of hours I actually spent on the revision.* My usual rate for revisions is C$60 per hour.

In many cases, I will take the initiative to call potential clients over the phone to make sure that we both understand our respective preferences, requirements, and terms and conditions.

*Clients will be notified as soon as possible during the revision if and when it is foreseeable that the actual number of hours will significantly exceed the estimated number of hours.

Rush jobs: An additional 30% to 60% may be added to the base rate for projects requiring a particularly speedy turnaround or that require evening or weekend work. In all cases, a rush rate will be announced in the offer or estimate, in other words, before I begin the work.

Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

I am based in Quebec, Canada. Clients from Canada: Payments can be made by cheque (made out to Cathleen Poehler) or by Interac e-transfer onto my Canadian bank account. Provincial and federal sales taxes apply. Clients from Europe: Invoices may be made by direct deposit onto my bank account in Germany. No sales tax applies.