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Cathleen Poehler


Social sciences and history; Environmental protection; Spirituality and self-development; Law; Press releases; Design and visual arts

Social sciences and history
The majority of my clients are academics and researchers active in the field of sociology or related disciplines. The following are some of the university departments and research institutions they represent: Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales (CRISES) (UQAM, Montreal); Centre Urbanisation Culture Société of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (Montreal); Revue Recherches sociographiques (Université Laval, Quebec); École d'urbanisme et d'architecture de paysage (Université de Montréal, Montreal); Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy (Concordia University, Montreal); Heinrich Boell Foundation (Berlin); Department of Sociology (Universität Stuttgart, Germany). Among the topics I have dealt with over time are: the social economy, digitization, refugees and migration, project management (from a sociological perspective), sustainability, legal philosophy, the history of childhood, urban planning, the internet, social innovation and living labs, gentrification, knowledge construction, governance (municipal responsiveness and accountability), social media, energy politics, philanthropism. The bulk of this work is comprised of research papers, reports and presentations.

Books translated

 Childhood 6.7: A History of Family Socialization and the Education and  Schooling of the Human Being: Hüter, Michael: 9783200083509: Books -  Amazon.ca Title: The Weight of the Social Economy
Childhood 6.7: A History of Family Socialization and the Education and Schooling of the Human Being. 472 pages. Michael Hüter. German-to-English translation. [German original]

 The Weight of the Social Economy. 338 pages.
Marie J. Bouchard and Damien Rousselière (Eds.). French-to-English translation and editing of English texts.

 Cover of Accountability and Responsiveness at the Municipal Level: Views from Canada  
 Accountability and Responsiveness at the Municipal Level. Views from Canada. 300 pages. Sandra Breux and Jérôme Couture (Eds.) French-to-English translation and editing of English texts.  

Concerned about the environment, I returned to school to obtain a Diploma in Environment (McGill University). Among my clients in this sector were, or are, the MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons), the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Berlin) and a number of professors from universities in Germany and Quebec. For these clients, I mainly translate annual reports, press releases, newsletters, web content, conference programs, environmental monitoring reports, legal disputes or urban waste management plans.

Book translated

Sustainable Cities: Local Solutions in the Global South. 170 pages, Melanie Robertson (Ed.). French-to-English translation.

Spirituality and self-development

I had the honour and privilege to translate the life work of Linda Vera Roethlisberger, founder of the Swiss-based Trilogos Foundation. In addition to smaller booklets, website content and other texts, I translated the following books and course handbooks for this client.


The Sensory Channel to the Spiritual World
680 pages. Linda Vera Roethlisberger.
German-to-English translation. [German original]

In Touch With Your Inner Voice, Levels 1 to 3
Linda Vera Roethlisberger. German-to-English translation. The courses are available on the Udemy platform. [German original]

Handbook Trilogos Diploma Certificate 1 - Trilogos Trainer. 216 pages. Linda Vera Roethlisberger. German-to-English translation. In addition, I translated certificates 2 and 3. [German originals]

I translate contracts, agreements and legal decisions on a regular basis for various clients from the private and public sectors as well as for a translation agency specialized in legal translation. As part of my university studies in translation, I also completed a three-month internship with the department for legal translation of the Quebec government. In 2012, I took a week-long legal translation course (German-to-English) at City University London to upgrade my skills. Prospective clients from the Canadian government will also appreciate that I have been granted the Canadian personnel security clearance.

Press releases
While it sounds odd to be "specializing in press releases," I do wish to add them to the list. Despite their mere 24-hour virtual existence, these documents are nevertheless crucial pieces of corporate communication. I make sure to translate press releases succinctly and with pizzazz in order to capture readers' attention. In addition I go out of my way to meet the stringent deadlines which these texts usually require.

I have been providing German-to-English translations of annual catalogues, press releases and other communications materials for the reddot design award, the world's largest and most renowned design competition (www.red-dot.de), as well as for the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen since 2006.

Visual Arts  
Revision and German-to-English translation: 150-page artist catalogue on internationally renowned artist Mathilde ter Heijne, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Germany, 2008.

Translation from German into English: Some 60 short texts on artists and their works for the traveling exhibition Into Me / Out of Me, Kunstwerke, Berlin, 2006.

Translation from English into German: “Past as Prologue,” article by Jeffrey Spalding on the artist Oscar Cahén, The Cahén Archives, 2006.

Assistant curator at the Centre international d’art contemporain, Montreal, April 2001–March 2002. Wrote (in English): Short texts on artists and their artworks for the exhibition Growth & Risk; biographical texts on the artists participating at La Biennale de Montréal 2002; grant applications and fact sheets representing the organization, its history and its goals.

Writer and curatorial assistant for the international art exhibition Innenseite. Kassel, Germany. 1997. Wrote (in English) longer texts about the exhibition concept as well as short texts on the artists and their artworks.

Member of the artist-run center articule, Montreal, 1998–2003.
Wrote (in English): co-publication of annual brochures; grant applications.